384. Trappist Westvleteren 8

384. Trappist Westvleteren 8

I received this back in April, along with a bottle of Westvleteren Blonde. I'd been waiting until I was in the right mood to give this a try. I let this warm to around 45ยบ F and served it in my Westvleteren Chalice.

Beer Stats:
Alcohol: 8%
Serving: 11.2 oz.
Style: Dubbel. BJCP Style Guide.

Appearance (4.5): Pours a dark brown with hints of garnet at the edges. The excellent clarity reveals vigorous carbonation. A fluffy beige head tops the beer. The head persists well eventually fading into a thin layer leaving lace behind.

Smell (4.0): Sweet candy malts dominate, with aromas of fruit and a slight spiciness. Yeasty aromas and moderate alcohol are also evident.

Taste (4.5): Sweet candy flavors upfront with dark fruits and more subtle note of yeast and spice. The finish is significantly bitter which provides a nice balance to the sweetness. Decanting the yeast into the beer at the end increases the yeast flavors and the spiciness.

Mouthfeel (4.5): Not overly carbonated, smooth and medium bodied.

Drinkability (5.0): Easy to drink and delicious.

Overall (4.45): A very good and well-balanced beer.

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