Pierre Celis Returning to Texas

Travis Poling at the San Antonio Express-News reports on his Brew Notes Blog that Pierre Celis will be returning to Texas to brew at Real Ale Brewing. Great news for Texas brewing and for Real Ale.

For those of you unfamiliar, Celis revived the Witbier style in the 1960s with Hoegaarden. In the 1990s he moved to Austin Texas and began brewing beer under the Celis name. The Celis Brewery in Austin was fully acquired by Miller in 2000, and was promptly closed. Michigan Brewing Company bought the rights to the name and produces several "Celis" beers.

Real Ale makes some great beers. Whenever I'm back in Texas I try to have a pint or two of Fireman's #4 or Full Moon Pale Rye Ale. If I'm really lucky their Shade Grown Coffee Porter is in season.