350. UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen

350. UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen

I noticed this new beer a week or two ago at Downtown Wine & Spirits. I decided to pick up a six-pack tonight. I chilled this in the fridge and served in my Harpoon UFO Weizen glass.

Beer Advocate lists this as a Fruit/Vegatable Beer, which is a catch all category. In reality this is an American Hefe Weizen (what BA calls an American Pale Wheat Ale), flavored with raspberries.

If you've had this beer and agree or disagree with my review, or have anything to add please leave a comment.

Appearance (4.0): Pours a hazy red-orange with a fluffy white head that quickly diminishes to a thin layer.

Smell (3.0): The nose is dominated by the smell of raspberries. There's a faint graininess evident on swirling.

Taste (4.0): I was expecting more of a raspberry flavor given the aroma, but the raspberry flavors are more understated (this isn't a bad thing). Raspberry flavors are evident upfront, but don't overwhelm. A citrusy tartness emerges in the center and lingers into the finish, where it melds with a grainy wheat flavor.

Mouthfeel (3.5): Light-bodied with moderate carbonation and a dry finish.

Drinkability (4.5): Very light, refreshing and easy to drink.

Overall (3.8): This beer reminded me of Abita Purple Haze, it's been awhile since I've had Purple Haze so I can't express a preference. This is a pretty good fruit beer. I'm not a huge fan of American Hefe Weizens. I tend to prefer the fruity and spicy flavors present in German Hefes. I think the raspberry adds some of what I feel is missing from the American style. As such I prefer UFO Raspberry over UFO.

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