345. De Dolle Oerbier

345. De Dolle Oerbier

I purchased this bottle where I buy most of my other beers, Downtown Wine & Spirits. The label on this one caught my eye. There's a chubby yellow man with a sash that says "Anno 1980." I let this warm to around 50 or 55ºF, and served it in one of my Duvel tulip glasses. This is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. Belgian Strong Dark ales are high alcohol beers, with both fruity and spicy characteristics. BJCP Style Guide.

Appearance (5.0): Pours a dark cloudy amber-brown with an uncontrollably massive and persistent meringue-like beige head. Lace sticks very well to the glass. Really beautiful.

Smell (4.0): Sharp upfront, with an earthy, yeasty scent. Underlying hints of fruit and spice. Sour-apple, and black pepper. Fairly subtle overall.

Taste (4.5): Delicious. Sweet upfront, sour-apple and other fruity flavors in the center, along with peppery spices. Alcoholic warmth and a citrusy tartness through the finish. Bitterness is low throughout.

Mouthfeel (4.5): Incredibly smooth and silky, tingly carbonation. Medium bodied. Dry finish.

Drinkability (4.0): Very drinkable in spite of the high alcohol content. The tart sour-apple flavors make this deceptively drinkable.

Overall (4.45): This Belgian Strong Dark has a very nice balance between spicy and fruity flavors, with one not overpowering the other.

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