NY Times: The Ultimate Beer Run in the Czech Republic

I don't normally get the Sunday Times, but one was delivered to my house this morning for whatever reason. There's an interesting article by Evan Rail about beer travel in the Travel section.

Rail briefly talks about the idea of beer travel, and how many breweries are now building tasting rooms and even hotels to capitalize on this enthusiasm for beer.
Going to the source is an emerging pastime for beer lovers. The wine trails of Napa, Bordeaux and Piedmont need no introduction. The same, however, cannot be said for the beer trails of Bohemia and Moravia. And yet, in recent years, amateur beer hunters have begun carving their own paths through these ancient Czech kingdoms, tapping into the same passion for local hops and barley that drives oenophiles to cross the globe for zinfandel and nebbiolo.


Around Europe, a handful of beer trails have already emerged, like the lambic breweries of the Senne Valley in Belgium, the seven Trappist monastery breweries of Belgium and the Netherlands, and the dozen or so K├Âlsch beer makers of Cologne.
He then goes on to describe his four-day beer trek around the Czech Republic. The article is fairly lengthy, but worth a read if you're interested.

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