428. Smuttynose Imperial Stout

428. Smuttynose Imperial Stout

I purchased this at Downtown Wine & Spirits several weeks ago. I let this warm to 45-50ยบ F and served it in one of my New Belgium glasses.

Beer Stats:
Brewery: Smuttynose Brewing Company
Year: 2006
Alcohol: 10.00%
Serving: Bottle, 22 oz.
Style: Russian Imperial Stout, BJCP Style Guide

Appearance (4.5): Pours an opaque black with only the faintest hints of red at the edges. A thick brown head tops the beer. The head slowly fades to a quarter-inch layer before disappearing completely.

Smell (4.0): On first sniff, piney hops dominate the aroma. As the beer warms roasted aromas like coffee and chocolate appear. There are also hints of fruit an alcohol.

Taste (4.0): Chocolate and tart fruit upfront, the finish is a combination of roasted coffee and dark chocolate bitterness, as well as a juicy hop bitterness.

Mouthfeel (5.0): Full-bodied, creamy, with tingly moderate carbonation.

Drinkability (3.5): Hindered by the strong flavors and high alcohol.

Overall (4.15): A nice, strong RIS. I may buy a bottle to age for a year or so to see how this changes.

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