Belgium Comes to Cooperstown: Sunday

Despite sobering up Saturday evening, I woke up with the stale taste of cigar in my mouth and a mild hangover on Sunday. We packed up the cars, checked out of the motel and piled into David's rental car to look for a good breakfast spot. David had found some potential breakfast spots, our choice foe that morning, The Coffee Bar, was closed. Instead we decided on a diner on one of the main streets. I didn't notice the name until I saw it on one of the menus - Empire Diner. Feeling especially hungry I ordered two pancakes, and a sausage, cheese and pepper omlette with a side of homefries. The food was excellent. The pancakes were light and fluffy, the omlette was delicious, and the homefries were very tasty. The latter is quite impressive given that I normally don't like homefries. After breakfast we drove back to the motel picked up my car.

The plan was to visit The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, where Abner Doubleday emphatically did not invent baseball. Win had requested a picture of Tom Seaver's plaque. I took pictures of Red Sox stuff for myself, Mets stuff for Win and Bennett took pictures of Orioles stuff. The Hall of Fame had some nice exhibits. I won't go into any detail, instead I'll just post pictures. All of these are clickable for the full sized images (huge).

Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver (do I look drunk?)

Sometimes you don't have to be good to be great

Curse Reversed


Earl Weaver

Carlton Fisk

Never trust the criminally insane

The Hot Pants Patrol

A Waco boy

Red Sox Pictures:

Mets Pictures:

We briefly checked out the Merch and then caught the trolley back to the parking lot. It was 2 PM when we left Cooperstown. David, Dave and Bennett drove back to New York, and I drove back to Boston.

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