1156. Sierra Nevada Glissade Golden Bock

1156. Sierra Nevada Glissade Golden Bock

On Saturday March 20th David, Win, Bennett, Jadyn and I spent the evening at our place. We picked up a six-pack of Sierra Nevada Glissade.

Beer Stats:
Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Alcohol: 6.40%
Serving: Bottle, 12 oz.
Style: Maibock/Helles Bock, BJCP Style Guide

Appearance: 4.0 | Smell: 3.0 | Taste: 3.5 | Mouthfeel: 3.5 | Drinkability: 4.0

Overall: 3.55

Glissade pours a mildly hazy golden, and is topped by a thick, fluffy, egg-shell colored head. The aroma is mild with hints of malt and grassy hops.

Clean, grainy and bready malts upfront give way to a sweetness through the center, and a mild grassy bitterness in the finish. This beer is light-bodied and moderately carbonated.

Pretty straightforward overall. It didn't blow me away