607. Lost Abbey Red Barn Ale

607. Lost Abbey Red Barn Ale

I had this a few days ago, but haven't had the time or energy to blog about it. I have some downtime in lab while I'm ethanol precipitating some DNA, so I'll blog about it now. I'd heard good things about Port Brewing Company/The Lost Abbey through various internet sources, so I picked up a bottle of their Red Barn Ale when they popped up at Downtown Wine & Spirits a few weeks ago. I let this warm to around 45ยบ F and served it in one of my Duvel tulip glasses.

Beer Stats:
Brewery: Port Brewing Compant/The Lost Abbey
Alcohol: 6.70%
Serving: Bottle, 750 mL
Style: Saison, BJCP Style Guide

Appearance (4.5): Pours a hazy golden with a thick, rocky, off-white head that fades to a persistent film and leaves thick patches of lace.

Smell (4.0): The nose is sharp with lots of pepper and spiciness. There's also some alcohol evident. Below the spiciness is a sweet malty aroma with notes of honey and fruit. There's also some yeast and grain notes to round things out.

Taste (4.0): This beer is initially lightly sweet with some honey flavors. The center becomes tart and citric before moving into the the finish, which is a mix of peppery spice and grassy bitterness. The spiciness and bitterness provide a nice balance to the malty sweetness.

Mouthfeel (4.0): Medium-bodied and smooth with a tingly, prickly carbonation.

Drinkability (3.5): The spiciness is nice, but limits the drinkability on this one a bit.

Overall (4.05): Definitely a tasty saison. I like them with a bit more funkiness, but this one is solid.

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