310. Long Trail Ale

310. Long Trail Ale

I had two 12 oz. bottles of Long Trail Ale, an Altbier, at a Bio-Grad happy hour event. Three happy hours are held during January when the first year students are deciding on labs to rotate in. As a member of the Amon Lab I was expected to attend this week and answer any questions prospective rotators might have. After fielding questions from one person I felt my duty had been fulfilled so I spent the remainder of the happy hour talking to people I know from the Horvitz Lab. This won't be a full review since I won't be able to describe the beer's appearance, as they didn't provide the glassware needed for a proper beer tasting experience.

Appearance: Unable to rate, however the bottle described its appearance as amber.

Smell: Floral hop aromas, with sweet bready notes as well.

Taste: Throughout there's a nice hop bitterness, that's balanced well against the bready malt center and the lightly sweet finish.

Mouthfeel: There's nothing spectacular here. Light carbonation, smooth and light-bodied.

Drinkability: It was easy enough drinking two of these. I probably could have had a few more. This would be a decent beer to keep around for a night of drinking.

Overall: This is a decent brew. There's nothing spectacular here, but it's nice enough.

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