309. 3 Monts

309. 3 Monts

This is my first Bière de Garde. I'm not familiar with the style so I'll hold off on the numerical ratings for now. I purchased this at DW&S along with Boon Framboise. It came in a standard 750mL brown glass bottle. The cork was held in place by a metal bracket that I had to pry off with a pair of needle-nose pliers, the cork then had to be removed with a corkscrew. I let the beer warm for about 45 minutes (ideal serving temp 45-50ºF), but once again it was probably closer to 40ºF. I served the beer for Ali and I in my two New Belgium snifters, which I felt were a reasonable substitute for the recommended tulip, or oversized wine glasses.

Thom: It pours a hazy golden color, with a champagne-like carbonation. A thick white head tops the beer, and slowly diminishes to a thin layer.
Ali: The beer is a golden color, with a thick, creamy, white head that recedes leaving lacing on the glass. There is a lot of carbonation.

Thom: A sweet aroma with a very subtle hint of apple.
Ali: An earthy aroma. Also, an almost undetectable aroma of apple.

Thom: Spices upfront, with a light bready sweetness at the center. The sweetness carries to the end. A warming sensation from the alcohol is also evident at the end. There's a mild bitterness throughout.
Ali: Initially tingly and tart. There's a complex-carbohydrate sweetness in the center, with a bready finish. It makes me want to eat a strong cheese.

Thom: Has an initial prickliness that gives way to a smooth, medium bodied feel.
Ali: Prickly and smooth, light, but heavier than water.

Thom: Smooth, and refreshing. This beer would be easy to drink a lot of.
Ali: The strong taste would limit me to a glass or two.

Thom: This is my first Bière de Garde. I think the bottle might have been a little old. Maybe I would have been more impressed with a fresher bottle. I do like the complexity that isn't present in other light beers.
Ali: I've never thought this much about how a beer tastes, but I like this because it's sweet, almost savory and has a nice finish.

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