805. Spring Training IPA

805. Spring Training IPA

I had this beer awhile ago at the CBC, unfortunately I don't remember when, probably late February or early March. I've started carrying around my digital camera with me so in the future I should have shots of beers at restaurants and such.

Beer Stats:

Brewery: Cambridge Brewing Company
Alcohol: 6.60%
Serving: Tap
Style: American IPA, BJCP Style Guide

Appearance: 5.0 | Smell: 4.5 | Taste: 4.5 | Mouthfeel: 4.0 | Drinkability: 4.5

Overall: 4.65

Pours a particularly lovely, golden, straw color. The bright, white head thins to a thin, lasting layer over the surface of the beer. The aroma is, for lack of a better word, fresh. The hop aromas are nice mix of citrus, grassy and floral. There's also a light maltiness evident under the bright hop aromas.

The malt backbone of this beer is toasty and lightly sweet with a bit of fruitiness. The hop finish is grassy and strong. Medium-bodied, high-carbonation and a tad oily across the palate.

I thought this was a nice, hop-focused IPA that creatively used different hop varieties to evoke the spring. It gets high marks for the impeccable execution of the brewers intent (unfortunately I can't find the description on the CBC website).

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