761-762. Cambridge Brewing Company

David and Win came to Boston on the weekend of the 15th of February, as a kind of combined February birthday thin (Win and I). On Friday night we had dinner, went to a play, and then ended up at the CBC for drinks afterwards. I had two new beers, one that I've seen around a lot but never tried, and another that I hadn't seen before. This is the first in a series of posts from this weekend that I've been procrastinating on. There's our trip to The Extreme Beer Fest, Polish beers at Cafe Polonia, beers at Deep Ellum, and beers at the Publick House. I'm going to try to get through them in the next week or so.

761. Big Man Ale

I've seen Big Man Ale on tap at the CBC many times before, but never got around to trying it. I finally did this night. The CBC website says:
Deep copper-colored, it boasts a full body complemented by strong, robust flavors. Its rich notes of malt and caramel are offset by very aggressive hopping--it is kettle-hopped with Galena, Cascade and Centennial hops and further dry-hopped with even more Centennials and Cascades. These hop varieties lend a fruity, citrusy character to this big beer, vaguely in the style of a strong stock ale or I.P.A.
Beer Stats:
Brewery: Cambridge Brewing Company
Alcohol: 6.80%
Serving: Tap
Style: American Strong Ale

My notes are pretty minimal for this beer. It was nicely balanced. The caramel malts kept things balanced while still letting the citrusy hops retain the focus.

762. Om

The description of Om reads like it was a strange experiment in brewing, which should always be encouraged even if the results aren't the greatest. I was tempted by mention of Brettanomyces, but when am I not? The website says:

This beer represents a new venture into the world of beer and mystical experience. Contemporary theories of sound therapy are incorporated into a process which aligns this Belgian-style golden ale to the specific frequency
that is expressed in meditation circles by the mantra "OM.”

While resting in French oak chardonnay barrels for six months, the barrels and their contents were vibrated using therapeutic tuning forks and Tibetan chanting bowls at a frequency of 136.10 Hz @ 432.10 Hz. Studies have shown that vibration affects the crystalline structure of liquids and that water has the ability to 'memorize' frequency information and hold sound at nearly five times the magnitude of air. From Plato to Pythagoras to Kepler scholars have experimented with ways in which we define the sound of the universe and how it is relative to our own existence.

Our process created an optimal environment, also, for the naturally residing microflora in the oak, bringing into the beer subtle expressions of Brettanomyces which complement the beer’s dry but malty palate with flavors and aromas of pineapple and peach fruit.

OM expresses a truly harmonious balance of honeyed malt and hop, yeast and flora, and oak character, with a final stated goal of assisting humanity in its quest towards inner bliss, equanimity, and world harmony. Oh, and it’s delicious.
Beer Stats:
Brewery: Cambridge Brewing Company
Alcohol: 9.40%
Serving: Tap
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale, BJCP Style Guide

Pours a hazy golden color with no head and no evidence of carbonation. The aroma is insanely fruity, pineapple aromas are what I noticed. There are also some nice honey notes. The flavors are similar as well, very strong pineapple, honey and woodiness. Medium-bodied with a dry finish. The flavors were quite nice, but the beer was too sweet in my opinion.

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