Dinner at Cambridge Brewing Company

A few Fridays ago I went to the CBC to have dinner and some beer.

120. Charles River Porter

Beer Stats:
Brewery: Cambridge Brewing Company
Alcohol: 5.90%
Serving: Tap
Style: American Porter, BJCP Style Guide

Appearance (4.0): Pours an opaque black with a thin beige head.

Smell (4.0): Roasted coffee and chocolate in the nose.

Taste (4.5): There's a nice roasted bitterness that dominates. There's also some dark fruit sweetness and a mild sourness. The aftertaste is roasted and hoppy bitterness.

Mouthfeel (4): Medium-bodied with mild carbonation.

Drinkability (4.5): Nice and roasty and very drinkable.

Overall (4.25)

581. Pisser Mauvais

I had two or three glasses of this. From the website:
Inspired by the famous Mannekin Pis, Brussels’ fountain statue of a young boy urinating. The name translates very loosely as “Wicked Pissah.” Brewed in Autumn, 2004, this black beer was aged in oak barrels which previously held the funky-yet-famous Benevolence. Fermentation ensued spontaneously in the barrel from the various wild yeast and other organisms residing in the porous wood, and after fermentation it rested for twenty-four months. Following this extended quiescence, the beer was racked and blended, conditioned, and chilled for your pleasure today. The nose features an obvious lactic tartness, notes of hay and horse blankets, and an underlying maltiness with hints of chocolate and burnt oak (in a good way). The palate has a nascent sharp sourness leading to flavors reminiscent of a lambic beer, finishing dry with plenty of oak and a clean roasty finale. Initially challenging, this beer becomes quite accessible, and opens up considerably as it warms in the glass.
Beer Stats:
Brewery: Cambridge Brewing Company
Alcohol: 7.00%
Serving: Tap
Style: American Wild Ale

Appearance (4.0): Pours an opaque brown-black with a two-finger, brown head that fades to a film leaving patchy lace.

Smell (4.5): Lambic-like tart aroma, medicinal phenols and a mild earthiness.

Taste (5.0): Tart with a light cherry like sweetness, though the tartness is still eveident. There's a medicinal character with a light, woody roastiness that contributes character, but not bitterness.

Mouthfeel (4.0): Medium-bodied. Low but prickly carbonation.

Drinkability (4.5): A delicious sour ale.

Overall (4.55)

122. Great Pumpkin Ale

I'm not ashamed to say that I like pumpkin ales to be sweeter, rather than balanced and to have spicing that really reminds me of a pumpkin pie. CBC's Great Pumpkin Ale fits the bill.

Beer Stats:
Brewery: Cambridge Brewing Company
Alcohol: 4.20%
Serving: Tap
Style: Pumpkin Ale, BJCP Style Guide

Appearance (4.0): Pours a clear amber with a thin head that fades to a ring.

Smell (4.5): Very strong aromas of pumpkin with secondary nutmeg and cinnamon aromas.

Taste (4.5): Sweet pumpkins upfront, with nutmeg and cinnamon spices. The finish is lightly bitter.

Mouthfeel (4.5): Medium-bodied, moderate carbonation, smooth.

Drinkability (4.0): Sweet, but not overly so, though my opinions on the style may differ from others.

Overall (4.35): A great pumpkin ale!

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