Belgium 2006, Overview

I've finally finished posting everything from our Belgium trip. Everything has the Belgium 2006 tag. I've listed the posts below in chronological order.

Day One: Flight; Grand Place; Manneken Pis
Day One: Brasserie Cantillon
Day One: Delirium Café
Day One: Dinner, Moeder Lambic
Day Two: Poechenellekelder, Mort Subite, Ploegmans
Day Two: Warm Water, Delirium Café, Absinthe
Day Three: Arrival in Antwerp, De Berenbak, Sightseeing, Oud Arsenaal
Day Three: Dinner, Paters Vaetje, Waagstuk
Day Four: Lunch and Sightseeing, Kulminator, Dinner, Elfde Gebod
Day Five: Departure/Arrival, Aba-Jour, Gravensteen
Day Five: De Hopduvel
Day Five: Deus, Trollekelder, Waterhuis aan de Bierkant
Day Six: Sightseeing, Lunch, Brouwerij De Halve Maan
Day Six: Kelk, De Garre
Day Six: Brugs Beertje, Dickie's
West Flanders
Day Seven: Kortrijk, Ieper, Poperinge, Paix, Ter Posterie
Day Seven: Kortrijk, Boulevard
Day Eight: Westvleteren
Day Eight: Poechenellekelder, Delirium Café, Packing
New York
Day Nine: Flight, New York City
There are few general observations about Belgium that I have.
1. I've been cheated out of knowing more than one language becuase I've grown up in the US. Almost everyone in Belgium spoke at least two to three languages. According to the bartender at Moeder Lambic they start teaching English in schools at around age 10 or 12.

2. Belgians are crazy drivers. We were constantly being passed at high speeds when we had rented the car, and we were speeding somewhat.

3. Belgian restrooms are strange. There's often a single door for men and women that opens into a room with a sink, that room has doors for men and women, but it also often contains a urinal.
Stories that I didn't include in the main post.
1. An aspiring DJ in Antwerp helped us determine the best Tram stop for us, which also happened to be his stop. When we got off he waited until the very last minute before he went down into the subway to say "By the way, your president is an asshole."

2. We were getting cash from an ATM in Antwerp, Ghent or Brugge (David?) when a guy came up to us and started speaking in Dutch. When I said we only speak English he then said "Do you have a joint to spare."
We've decided to go on beer trips to Germany, The UK and The Czech Republic at some point in the future. I think we've decided on The Czech Republic as our next stop.

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