1247. Pere Jacques


Bennett had given me several bottles of beer at my defense celebration. This one had been in my fridge sine then, and Jadyn and I split it with dinner on October 24th.

Beer Stats:  
Brewery: Goose Island
Year: 2009

Alcohol: 8.00%
Serving: Bottle, 22 oz.
Style: Dubbel, BJCP Style Guide

Appearance: 4.0 | Smell: 3.5 | Taste: 3.5 | Mouthfeel: 3.5 | Drinkability: 4.0

Overall:  3.65

Pere Jacques pours a cloudy brown, and is topped by a creamy, light-brown head that fades to a sudsy film. The aroma is clean with notes of dates, figs, and a mild hint of alcohol.

Mildly sweet malts upfront have notes of bread and chocolate, which move into a sweet center with notes of dark fruit. The finish has powdery yeast notes, spicy alcohol, and a moderate bitterness. This beer is crisp, and surprisingly light-bodied for a dubbel.

Overall I thought this was a decent Dubbel, but seemed somewhat subdued compared to many others.