844. New York: Chelsea Brewing

On Sunday (6/22/08), Win, David and I did the whitest thing we could have done with our early afternoon. We hit golf balls at the Chelsea Pier driving range. I'll spare you the details since I don't really care for golf; though the occasional low pressure trip to the driving range can be enjoyable when accuracy isn't a goal. While we were waiting for our turn at the range we stopped at Chelsea Brewing Company for a beer.

844. Long Island Altbier

Beer Stats:
Brewery: Chelsea Brewing Company
Alcohol: ?
Serving: Tap
Style: Altbier, BJCP Style Guide

Appearance: 3.5 | Smell: 3.5 | Taste: 3.5 | Mouthfeel: 4.0 | Drinkability: 4.0

Overall: 3.6

Pours a clear, copper color. The off-white head fades to a ring, leaving patches of lace. The aroma is malty: toffee and fruit mainly. There's also a bit of alcohol and light, resiny hops.

Toasty malts lead into a bready sweetness. The richer malt flavors that you might expect are pretty muted. There's a light bite from the alcohol and carbonation. The finish has a lingering grassy bitterness. Light-bodied with high carbonation and a light dryness in the finish.

Overall, not as malty as a lot of Alts that I've had, but I think the relative lack of sweetness helps a bit with the sessionability.