653. Samichlaus Bier

653. Samichlaus Bier

I've had a bottle of Samichlaus from the 2005 bottling sitting in my fridge for a few months. I haven't tried it yet because of a combination of its strength and my lack of free time, but last night I got a text message about it from David who was in Portland for a business trip. I let this warm and served it in my New Belgium glass.

Beer Stats:
Brewery: Brewery Castle Eggenberg
Year: 2005
Alcohol: 14.0%
Serving: Bottle, 11.2 oz.
Style: Doppelbock, BJCP Style Guide

Appearance (3.5): Pours a crystal clear copper with a fizzy, beige head that fades to a persistent ring.

Smell (4.5): The aroma is deep, rich and malty. There are notes of caramel and fruit, especially raisins. There's also a strong alcoholic aroma that really becomes dominant upon swirling.

Taste (4.5): Sweet maltiness upfront, with caramel, raisins and vanilla. Strong alcohol brings a peppery spice to the finish, which lasts long into the aftertaste. There's also a very mild bitterness. I agree with David that this is very brandy-like.

Mouthfeel (5): Thick, creamy and full-bodied, smooth with just enough carbonation. Spicy warming alcohol remains through the finish and leaves a tingly sensation in the mouth and a nice warmth throughout.

Drinkability (4.0): The alcohol is definitely strong, but I find myself wishing that I had another bottle. Something to sip and savor, but surprisingly drinkable.

Overall (4.3): This was a great beer to finish the day with. It's been colder than normal, and it actually snowed today.

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